Operational Risk Modelling and Analysis: Theory and Practice

[ReviewAZON asin=”1904339344″]The definitive journey into operational risk – this new multi-contributor title will guide you with the identification, modelling, implementation, analysis and integration of operational risk into your overall risk management framework.

Enables you to make more informed decisions on how to identify and avoid the potential risks as well as fully understand the acceptable risks on a cost-benefit basis.

Divided under three main sections: 1. Database Modelling, Regulatory and Technical Issues; 2. Risk Modelling and Measurement; 3. Case Studies of Implementation of Operational Risk Projects in Large Financial Institutions.

Highlights integral issues such as how to spot the links between indicators of operational risk and the potential losses.

Examines the tensions inherent in the nature of operational risk at both quantitative and qualitative levels.

Outlines the practical day-to-day issues and illustrates workable methodologies with examples, case studies and cutting-edge analysis.

Provides an even mix of both the progressive and in-depth research taking place in academic institutions as well as the actual practical implementation issues.

Provides the tools to cope with differing and complex situations within operational risk.

Edited by Marcelo Cruz, a world-renowned leading expert on operational risk modelling and measurement.[/ReviewAZON]

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