ABS Consulting
ABS Consulting provides rational engineering, science and technology-based solutions that blend effective management controls, state-of-the-art engineering analyses, practical loss-control measures and innovative risk-transfer options. RMPlanner is a Windows®-based program for RMP compliance, new from ABS Group Inc. It provides step-by-step guidance on implementing the RMP rule requirements at your facility. RMPlanner guides you through the RMP regulatory compliance process and provides the analysis/documentation tools – including consequence analysis using the EPA Offsite Consequence Analysis methodology – you need to effectively develop, characterize, and communicate your risk management programs. Other software provided by the company includes RootCause LEADER and HazardReview LEADER.

Advanced Engineering Software (AES)
AES distributes hydrologic software and offers a comprehensive library of hydrology/hydraulics software products. AES products have a one-time license fee.

Alion System Reliability Center (SRC)
SRC, an Information Analysis Center chartered by the U.S. Department of Defense and operated by
Alion Science and Technology (formerly IIT Research Institute), serves as a government and industry focal point that provides technical expertise and information to improve the reliability, maintainability, quality, and supportability of manufactured components and systems. SRC offers a complete product line of reliability, maintainability, quality, and supportability publications, automated databases, and software, including PRISM, a new software tool that ties together several tools into a comprehensive system reliability prediction methodology.

AgRisk is a Windows program designed to assist corn, soybean, wheat, and sorghum farmers to manage harvest-time revenue risk using forward, futures, options, and crop insurance contracts. Software produced at Ohio State University.

AIM (Advanced Information Management)
Developers of risk management solutions to aid the analysis of financial data.

Air Dispersion Modeling Inc.
Air Dispersion Modeling Inc. provides air dispersion and air quality models and modeling software.

Since 1989, Algorithmics software has helped transform the way banks, asset managers, and corporations measure their risk and manage their capital. The company develops and markets enterprise risk management solutions that address the ever-increasing complexity in financial markets and growing regulatory pressures. At the heart of Algorithmics risk management software, Algo Suite Solutions, is a new approach to risk management called Mark-to-Future™, the first truly forward-looking risk/reward framework that allows many different outcomes between the present and some future time horizon to be considered and provides a more realistic assessment of long-term risk.

Allegro Development
Texas-based company producing trading and risk management software for the energy industry. Allegro software gives you world-leading competitive power and agility by combining a service-oriented architecture with a highly flexible, modular application approach. Benefits range from greater operational efficiency to more accurate risk assessment to optimal decision making and more.

American Innovations
American Innovations’ industry-proven products and services help customers safely and efficiently manage critical operating equipment, including the world’s pipeline infrastructure. AI’s solutions are used by virtually every oil and gas company in North America to gather and store information efficiently and comply with regulations that protect people and the environment. A leading provider in cathodic protection (CP), integrity management and remote monitoring, AI’s reliable, innovative products and services include: Bullhorn® Remote Monitoring, Bullhorn Asset Tracker (BAT™), MicroMax® Current Interrupters, Allegro Field Data PC™, Pipeline Compliance System (PCS™), and the Risk Intelligence Platform (RIPL™) software. AI provides a host of professional services including remote asset management and regulatory compliance consulting. Through its Bass Engineering subsidiary, AI designs, installs & maintains CP systems and supplies related materials & equipment.

Analyse-It Software, Ltd.
Analyse-it includes a vast range of statistical procedures including ANOVA & multiple linear regression, plus a specialized package for clinical method evaluation

AnTech Ltd.
AnTech Ltd. designs and develops software for the upstream oil and gas industries. The company’s main product is StringView® a well visualization software package which integrates with legacy data systems, helping to maintain consistent corporate appearance well diagrams.

Arthur D. Little’s FaultrEASE
FaultrEASE (pronounced fall-TREES ) is a program for creating, editing, and computing fault trees. It allows you to create, edit, and draw fault trees with a minimum of effort. In particular, fault tree editing is very simple and quick. You can move symbols around in your tree, and the program will automatically re-balance the whole tree. Entire branches can be moved in the same way. In other words, FaultrEASE takes care of laying out your graphics for you, allowing you to focus on the logic. FaultrEASE performs fault tree mathematics, including mixed probability and frequency calculations, and cut-sets. For trees with repeated events, reduction is achieved using direct evaluation. This method is faster and more accurate than Boolean reduction. The company also produces CEGIS, an energy and greenhouse gas inventory tool.

Ascendant Technologies
Risk technology company that provides risk management consultancy and own software product RiskWin – a real-time trading and risk management system.

Asset Control
Developers of solutions for the financial world, such as the integration platform that manages both real-time and historic data from multiple vendors, as well as security master, corporate actions and counterparty data.

Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
Offers computerised transaction processing – brokerage industry data, securities transaction processing and investor communication services, etc

Axiom Software Laboratories (AXIOM)
Develops risk management software, financial control and regulatory compliance packages etc. Products include RiskMonitor, ComplEye, ControllerView, Dynamicl Data Warehouse and Integration Center.


BEE-Line Software
BEE-Line Software provides quality air dispersion modeling software, training, and expert support. The company pioneered PC modeling and has been a leader in microcomputer air modeling software since 1982. Years of experience in writing PC models and listening to users makes the company’s software easy to use. The company offers software and courses for all dispersion modeling needs, from industrial permitting to Title III’s 112(r) RMP modeling. BEEST for Windows (ISCST3, ISC-Prime, AerMod) software is an industry leader in modeling software for state and federal permits. The company offers other air dispersion modeling software, including SLAB, INPUFF2, and SCREEN3

C Tech Development Corporation
C Tech offers the Environmental Visual System which unites state-of-the-art 3D analysis, visualization, and animation tools into a powerful software system developed for geologists, geochemists, mining engineers, and modelers.

Cadmus Group, The
Software and User’s Manual for “Aquatic Ecological Risk Assessment: A Multi-Tiered Approach.”

Caesar Petroleum Systems
Caesar Petroleum Systems provides software solutions and consultancy services for the Oil and Gas Industry. Caesar’s main product is the PetroVR decision support toolsuite. The objective is to: (1) model the exploration, development, and operation activities of oil and gas projects; (2) model the economic terms and perform a full economic analysis; (3) measure full cycle, economic risks considering all key exploration, engineering, and financial uncertainty; and (4) provide comprehensive portfolio management and optimization.

CaseWare enhances performance and extends core capabilities of accounting, auditing, financial, risk and governance professionals in over 130 countries.

Continuously Evolving Business Optimization Solutions (CEBOS) offers MQ1 software and related services to help industrial firms achieve and sustain ISO, QS and TE-9000 certification. The company is structured to serve small to mid-size industrial firms directly, with a lot of hands-on involvement in tailoring MQ1 software to fit individual situations. The company serves large firms with the additional help of value-added resellers and professional training and support organizations. The MQ1 package utilizes open database technology and is OBDC compliant. A full-featured user security setup ensures that users have appropriate access to information and protects data integrity. System wide task management and links to email provide a mechanism to increase communication and provide action item accountability.

Centerprise Services Inc.
Provider of enterprise management solutions and application services for banks, asset management firms, insurance companies, and other financial institutions.

Chemical Safety Corporation
Chemical Safety Corporation, creator and distributor of environmental information management software, offers comprehensive software packages in total regulatory compliance designed to provide organizations with tools to manage an abundance of environmental, health, and safety information. The company produces several software packages, including Environmental Management Systems, a comprehensive software system for environmental and safety compliance, management, planning and reporting.

CIMTechniques is a leading developer of powerful Windows-based data acquisition software. The company’s products are used in industrial testing as well as process monitoring and control (SCADA). They are committed to providing flexible, high performance software solutions that anyone can set up and use.

Climatronics Corporation
Climatronics Corporation provides software for weather and wind sensors.

Corbus, An Soin International Company, offers a variety of software programs designed to solve MSDS management problems and to ease required reporting like Tier II and Form R. Their programs provide electronic management of MSDS with multiple filter, search and security features. TERMS? electronically manages MSDS and prepares reports such as an EPA approved Form R, Tier II and EHS reports. Features include V.O.C. and H.A.P. identification and tracking, CERCLA Spill Report and a universal MSDS input module. NetMSDS? is the intranet/internet solution for multiple user access to MSDSs. Offering search, view and print functionality for MSDSs through a web browser.

Credosoft Ltd.
RBI (Risk Based Inspection)/Inspection Management software from Credosoft is suitable for chemicals processing plants, refineries, production platforms, pipework, pressure systems, and rotating and static equipment. Organizations that use Credosoft products include Chevron Texaco, BP Amoco, Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobil, AtoFina, DNV, Millennium Chemicals, AMEC, Kvaerner, AGIP, and Petro Canada.

Dakota Software Corporation
Dakota Software transfers advanced knowledge management tools to environmental, health and safety compliance professionals in industry and consulting. Dakota Software Corporation introduced its first software product specifically designed to support environmental, health and safety auditing. Now a leader in the market, the company is unique in the industry in applying advanced expert system techniques. The company’s flagship product, Dakota Auditor is a Windows-based software tool that simplifies the entire process of regulatory compliance auditing.

Data Shaping Solutions
Data Shaping Solutions, LLC, has expertise in managing complex statistical problems and shaping data into actionable conclusions. The company designs original and efficient strategies applied to the stock market, internet market research, web site auditing and promotion. The company offers Advanced Trading Systems, which are online professional tools for short- and long-term stock traders with daily buy and sell signals. To download DataShaper, an integrated product for real-time strategy design and implementation, please see The company also publishes a monthly newsletter on technical analysis. The trading software and strategies are designed by a statistician from Cambridge University.

DataWave Technologies
DataWave Technologies offers a complete line of fully integrated, quality tested software and hardware packages for electrophysiology, neurophysiology and physiology related research. The company’s products are used daily by leading researchers around the world.

DAVID Corporation
Renaissance Claims Management Software is a high-powered client/server product with an optional interface that offers comprehensive functionality, while harnessing the strength of Microsoft’s SQL Server Database platform. DAVID also offers DOS products – ClaimsPlus, P&CPlus, CompPlus, and Comp2000.

Derivation Software Ltd
Derivation provides derivatives software to investment banks, hedge funds and other groups dealing with transactions involving convertible bonds, options and other equity derivatives.

design safety engineering, inc.
designsafe – the hazard analysis and risk assessment guide – brings safety into the design process. Developed by design safety engineering, inc. in Ann Arbor, MI, designsafe is an easy to use tool to quickly identify hazards and assess risks for product and process designs. designsafe guides safety professionals and engineers through a task-based assessment to reduce risks in a structured method, helping to include safety through design. designsafe is distributed by the National Safety Council with the support of the Institute for Safety Through Design.

Det Norske Veritas Risk Management Software
DNV Risk Management Software develops quantitative techniques for assisting safety professionals in managing risk. Assisting companies from conception and design to start-up and operation, DNV offers software solutions for risk, safety, and reliability analysis, including Safeti, which calculates quantitative risk assessments for hazardous chemicals; PHAST, which examines the progress of a chemical process incident; NEPTUNE, a computational workbench for risk analysis; ORBIT, which uses Risk Based Inspection (RBI) techniques to help develop and improve inspection management programmes; CARA-FaultTree, a fault tree analysis program; Dust Expert, a tool that assists designers, operators, and safety professionals in the field of dust explosion, prevention, and protection; EPCON Product Suite, which includes CHEMPRO Engineering Suite, Engineers Aide SiNET, and API Technical Database; and SUMMIT, a tool for auditors.

digitec GmbH
Provider of DEALEX-3, an integrated software solution for front, middle and back office. The Pricing System for real time FX and MM price calculation and distribution offers a global price engine for a bank.

EarthSoft, Inc.
EarthSoft, Inc. has written EQuIS (Environmental Quality Information System), which is a widely used environmental data management system. EQuIS is used in Australia, the US, UK, and many other places, by the Regulatory Community, Industrial property owners, many consultants, and is supported by many analytical labs. EQuIS has been encapsulated with the ArcView GIS for unparalleled intuitive ease of use. It is powerful enough to manage all chemistry, geology, and hydrology data. The EQuIS data warehouse provides a means where a single data entry event can be exported to many industry standard tools.

EasySolve Software
EasySolve Software is dedicated to providing professional quality geoscience software at a fraction of the typical market price. Developed by industry professionals for their own use, these programs are high quality and easy to use. Some of the programs available include EasyLog, a tool for creating graphical reports of borings, test pits, and groundwater monitoring wells; SizePerm, a program which calculates hydraulic conductivity of unconsolidated material from grain size analysis using 10 of the most accepted methods, and provides detailed reports with supporting documentation; and OmniVar, an interactive, graphical, 2D variogram analysis tool, providing a graphical report of the experimental data and fitted model with supporting documentation.

Ecologic Systems
Ecologic Systems is an environmental technology firm that has created a suite of environmental management systems designed to save time and money, reduce risks, improve employee health and safety, and help comply with regulatory requirements, quickly and easily.

EGAR Technology
Site contains detailed product information, including FOCUS, a fully integrated position keeping system offering pricing, reporting and risk management features supporting trading of over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives, foreign exchange, swaps, equities, metals, bonds, repos, commodities and money market instruments, and EGAR ONE, an equity derivatives trading system. Also contains press releases, recent press, and other services.

EM Applications Ltd
EM Applications supplies institutional quality risk models and tools based on an extremely accurate and flexible multi factor statistical process. This allows risk decomposition and portfolio construction based on any time series, categorisation scheme or fundamental data.

Enviance delivers software that automates and improves greenhouse gas (GHG) and environmental, health and safety compliance management activities. Recognized as the only internet-based GHG and compliance software as a service, the Enviance System requires no hardware or software and easily scales. Leading retail organizations trust Enviance to reduce the time and cost of managing compliance and GHG activities, retain institutional knowledge and confidently certify compliance.

Environmental Risk Communications, Inc.
Environmental Risk Communications, Inc. develops and services Defender, a software suite used to estimate and manage the financial risks associated with environmental projects. Remedy Defender enables project managers to compare the risk-adjusted net present values of alternative cleanup strategies on an individual site. Portfolio Defender summarizes the Remedy Defender information to generate portfolio valuations used in 10-K/annual report disclosure, merger & acquisition due diligence, and brownfield property valuation.

BGC offers eSpeed proprietary financial services, hardware, software and trading technology designed to provide its customers with a complete trading solution. BGC is a leader in developing and deploying electronic marketplaces and related trading technology that offers traders access to the most liquid, efficient and neutral financial markets in the world. The eSpeed platform operates multiple buyer, multiple seller real-time electronic marketplaces for the global capital markets, including the world’s largest government bond markets and other fixed income and foreign exchange marketplaces.

Exeter Software
Exeter Software provides scientific software for teaching and research. Software is available in statistics, ecology, genetics, and other categories.


The world’s largest financial institutions look to FastVal for independent valuations, pricing and analytics and risk management services for a range of derivatives from plain vanilla to highly structured products. Its flexible, proprietary scripting language allows you to easily describe and price any investment in all asset classes. FastVal helps ensure adherence to prudent accounting and corporate governance practices when pricing and valuing derivatives.

FFastFill is the leading provider of Application Services for trading and risk management on electronic markets. These services provide full application functionality, saving institutions the cost of investing in and maintaining their own technology infrastructure and staff department.

FieldWorker Products Ltd.
The FieldWorker Data Collection software has many industry uses. It can be used in archeology for cultural resource reviews and site mapping; in asset management for utilities, public works, and the department of transportation; in civil engineering for environmental impact assessments; in conservation for government and environmental sample projects; in the environment for vegetation, habitat and trapping research, marine systems, river and stream inventory, wetlands delineation; in geology/mining for field mineral exploration; in precision agriculture for farm management and field scouting; and in waste management for field study of litter and refuse.

Financial Engineering Associates, Inc. (FEA)
A supplier of analytical tools for the valuation and risk management of derivative securities. @ENERGY is the most commonly used and accepted set of energy derivatives analytics and valuation techniques in the energy industry worldwide. Over half of the top 50** energy companies have already adopted @ENERGY.

FINCAD provides software and services supporting the risk management and valuation of cross-asset class derivatives and fixed income securities to 4,000 financial organizations in over 80 countries.

FinCalc offers tools to build advanced financial functions under Excel. FinCalc covers bonds, money market instruments, futures, options, interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, as well as caps, floors and swaptions. FinCalc allows to compute portfolio statistics like volatility, expected return, tracking error or value at risk. A portfolio can be optimized on an absolute basis or relative to its benchmark.

Fiserv offers risk and compliance solutions focused on helping institutions optimize usage and return on capital by making risk actionable and transparent. Fiserv risk management solutions include: Asset/Liability Manager, Funds Transfer Pricing, Executive Insight™, Vantage™ Risk and Budgeting Manager, KRM from Fiserv.

Fourier Systems
Fourier Systems develops and manufactures high-tech, high quality products for the information technology market. The company focuses on the development of high performance data acquisition products for the growing educational and industrial markets. Fourier has developed numerous data acquisition systems. Some such products include portable data loggers, a variety of more than 40 different sensors (voltage, current, temperature, sound, light, pH, distance…etc), and data analysis and processing software. In addition, Fourier Systems continuously develops curricula books to accompany its products in areas such as ecology, physics, chemistry, and biology.

Front Arena
SunGard Front Arena helps your business to integrate sales, trading, risk management, operations and distribution across multiple asset classes. From beginning to end, its range of options helps you to make critical decisions with confidence. Available for both buy-side and sell-side customers, Front Arena helps a range of businesses, from equities and hedge funds to interest rate and credit rate derivatives, to manage trading and risk collectively.

Galorath Incorporated
For the past 20 years Galorath Incorporated (also known as GASEER™ Technologies) has provided the industry’s most comprehensive set of decision-support and production optimization tools. Combined with extensive consulting and support services, these estimation and analysis tools help manage product design and manufacturing operations, driving out costs and building in quality. An innovator in parametric analysis, Galorath’s SEER™ tools derive cost, schedule, labor and materials estimates by assessing the interaction and impact of product, organizational and even operational variables.

Gamma Design Software
Gamma Design Software designs professional geostatistics software for the environmental and social sciences industries. The company produces GS+™ for Windows. GS+ is a comprehensive geostatistics program that is fast, efficient, and easy to use. GS+ provides all geostatistics components, from semivariance analysis through kriging and mapping, in a single powerful program widely praised for its flexibility and friendly interface.

Gate lab
Providers of products and services based on up-to-date technologies, to banking and financial institutions in the areas of finance, marketing and credit risk assessment.

GeoInfo Solutions (GIS)
GIS Ltd. provides off-the-shelf MapInfo and custom-programmed decision support software integrating digital maps, spreadsheets and databases. These tools assist public service agencies and private corporations with risk analysis, resource allocation and decision-making.

Geospiza is a leader in creating innovative bioinformatics software for DNA sequencing laboratories. Geospiza’s FinchTM Suite of bioinformatics software components provides a complete, integrated data management solution for high-throughput production centers, core service facilities, and research laboratories. FinchTM Suite components integrate state-of-the-art algorithms with embedded relational database management system (RDBMS) technology.

GoldSim Consulting Group
GoldSim is a powerful, user-friendly, and highly graphical computer program for carrying out dynamic, probabilistic simulations to support management and decision-making in engineering, science and business. The program runs on Windows-based personal computers. The program is currently being used by public and private organizations worldwide. The GoldSim Consulting Group licenses GoldSim to organizations, provides on-site training sessions, and offers consulting services helping to apply the software to complex systems. They also provide fully function free academic licenses to qualified individuals.

Groundwater Services, Inc.
RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases is a comprehensive modeling and risk assessment/characterization software package for Tier 1 and Tier 2 RBCA evaluations for chemical release sites. It expands on GSI’s popular Tier 2 RBCA Spreadsheet System and meets the requirements of the ASTM Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA). The Tool Kit combines contaminant transport models and risk assessment tools to calculate baseline risk levels and derive risk-based cleanup standards for a full array of soil, groundwater, surface water and air exposure pathways.

Provides advanced analytical systems and technical support for water quality testing, with solutions for lab, process, and field. Products are in use around the world, simplifying analysis with reliable, accurate results. The alliance with American Sigma aims to strengthen the ability to provide the most convenient, comprehensive water and wastewater monitoring solutions in the market. American Sigma is a recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of innovative flow, sampling, rain and water quality instruments, communication products and data management software. The company produces VISION 2000 Integrated Sewer System Management Software, a complete Windows based sewer system management software which handles large projects with ease and performs logger programming and automated data collection and reporting with advanced graphing capabilities; and InSight Data Analysis Software, an easy to use software for logger programming and automated data retrieval which quickly creates reports and graphs and is now Microsoft Windows compatible.

Higher Level Systems LimitedHigher Level Systems, the creators and suppliers of Assistum technology, a knowledge-based tool that is applied to risk management, specialises in improving high-level business processes involving decision making and quality reviews that are consistent, transparent, informed, and documented every step of the way. Assistum can help with:

  • project and portfolio management including risk assessment,
  • complex multi-discipline projects such as designing oil wells,
  • audits of legal, security, environmental, and safety compliance,
  • knowledge management and sharing of best practice, and
  • empowerment without loss of control.

Hydrocomp, Inc.
Hydrocomp develops and distributes continuous hydrologic simulation software (HFAM). The company’s goal is to provide innovative methods for the management of water resources. Hydrocomp has its origins in research on mathematical modeling of hydrologic processes at Stanford University. The company has developed several widely used modeling systems, including the Hydrologic Simulation Program-Fortran (HSPF). Recent work in model development has created graphical, interactive systems for water resource management. Hydrocomp’s Forecast and Analysis Modeling System (HFAM) makes streamflow forecasting and analysis of reservoir operations easy for operators and planners.

Hydstra – KISTERS group – provides a range of software for managing large amounts of time-series data in the hydro power, water resources and wastewater industries. Hydstra offers a complete solution to environmental data management with unrivalled capability in:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Automated Task Scheduling

Ideation International
Ideation International is the leading provider of TRIZ-based accelerated training programs, innovation software products and information. TRIZ (the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is an emerging science encompassing a structured method for creative thinking. It includes a theoretical base and various analytical and knowledge-base tools that help individuals invent and resolve complex problems in a systematic way. I-TRIZ refers to the Ideation/TRIZ Methodology, which incorporates advancements made during the past 15 years. The website contains a wealth of material on TRIZ, its advancements, and the advantages it can give your decision-making and innovation processes.

ImageWave® EHS Enterprise® Software Solution
This EHS solution provides MSDS Management (MSDSFinder®), Environmental Reporting (including SARA 313 and Tier II), Container Labeling, MSDS Authoring, MSDS directory, MSDS Scanning/Updating Service and more.

Imagine Software Inc
Developer of The imagine trading system which is a real-time derivatives portfolio and risk management system for listed and OTC securities, available for both the Unix and Windows NT platforms.

IMTI Systems Inc.
IMTI Systems Inc., founded in 1979, is a technology service provider to the commercial and personal lines insurance industries. With an extensive history in pioneering technological solutions for insurance companies in the areas of underwriting and claims, IMTI now focuses on field services automation and the field employee. Their products and services ensure that the loss control engineer, premium auditor, and claims adjuster have access to the tools needed to collect their data and report their findings in real time–delivered over the Internet! Their products include ARIES (Automated Risk Evaluation System), PAMS (Premium Audit Management System), and ORION (IMTI’s off-the-shelf Loss Control and Management System). IMTI’s product set and proprietary development technology are also readily adaptable to solutions in the commercial security, residential, and other site survey industries.

Incom Pty Ltd
INCOM supplies multi-user Risk Register software to manage general organisational risks following the world’s leading risk management standards. While it is difficult to identify risks and correctly assess them, experience has shown that analysis of cost effectiveness and ongoing management of risk treatments (risk mitigation) is a complex issue. People may be good at assessing risks, but not necessarily effective at remembering to review them or to follow up on the effectiveness of risk treatments. In today’s volatile security and financial environment, risk management systems must be capable of wider functionality, be database driven, and be available to many people in the organisation. Risk Register manages risk treatment cost effectiveness, monitoring, and tracking. These activities can be the most complex and labour intensive for risk personnel and the most costly for organisations.

Innova Financial Solutions
Site has details of Innova’s main products: Derivatives Expert 2 and Finance Partner.

In an increasingly uncertain world with threats to operations, people and supply chains, IHS provides decision makers with the comprehensive intelligence and analysis they need to make informed decisions in the critical areas of defense and security. Through online subscriptions, offline data provision, print publications, and consulting services, IHS delivers accurate, timely and relevant intelligence and analysis to militaries, governments, intelligence agencies and companies worldwide.

Integral Development Corp
Products, contacts and job vacancies information from this developer of mission critical financial software applications and online risk management solutions.

Intelex Technologies Inc.
Since 1992, Intelex Technologies has been developing, implementing, and supporting electronic management systems for environment (ISO 14001), quality (ISO 9001:2000), and health and safety (OHSAS 18001). The ISOsoft 14001 and ISOsoft 9001:2000 systems are part of an extendable web-based platform that integrates modules for environmental, quality, and health and safety management into a cutting edge web-based environment. ISOsoft is easily deployed, inexpensive to maintain, and backed by an experienced support team that ensures the success of every installation; improves employee productivity through personalized task management; saves time and money by automating management system maintenance; records and tracks nonconformities and corrective actions through e-mail and web-based forms; significantly reduces time and costs associated with document control and distribution; ensures organization-wide involvement with the EMS. ISOsoft is part of the ISOsoft suite of management system solutions. An investment in ISOsoft can be leveraged for not just a single management system but for environmental management, quality management, and health and safety initiatives.

Intermark Solutions
Developer of risk management and trading system solutions, including
FOCUS which offers pricing, reporting and risk management features.

IQS Quality Management and Compliance Software
Founded in 1988, IQS, Inc. has continuously searched for the best technology to assist its customers in successfully managing and improving their business and performance in today’s competitive market. IQS offers a flexible, integrated, web-based software system that empowers clients to increase their profitability and competitiveness, achieving industry registration faster and at a lower cost to the client. IQS helps customers reduce risk while improving visibility among key aspects of business processes and performance. The IQS software model provides an enterprise-wide framework to manage compliance with multiple government regulations, quality assurance standards and compliance mandates. IQS’ integrated data hub provides clients with actionable insight into performance and risk-related metrics. Today, leading companies across multiple industries are using IQS to manage and improve key business processes, assuring higher levels of quality compliance and risk management.

JP Morgan
RiskMetrics page introducing the RiskManager – a stand-alone application for the measurement and analysis of market-based Value-at-Risk.

Kamakura Corporation
International financial information and risk management software firm.

Kiodex delivers a Web services platform that helps transform corporate risk into a strategic advantage. Companies across a broad spectrum of verticals and industries benefit from the Kiodex suite of solutions. By offering risk management that combines four key services — independent market data, risk reports, valuation models and deal capture — Kiodex brings value at many levels.

Lakes Environmental Software
Lakes Environmental specializes in environmental software and training. Their range of air dispersion modeling, risk assessment (human health and ecological), and emergency release modeling software is widely used by consultants, industries, governmental agencies and academia. All programs are Windows based and provide full graphical visualization including import of base maps from your favorite formats. Their software incorporates GIS tools by ESRI, the makers of Arc View and Arc Info, to provide users with the best GIS capabilities.
Their advanced risk assessment software for human health (IRAP-h View) and ecological risk (EcoRisk View) is based on the most recent guidance from the U.S EPA. Comprehensive risk assessments can now be completed in a fraction of the time traditionally required. ISC-AERMOD View is revolutionizing the field of air dispersion modeling by providing three U.S. EPA models, ISCST3, AERMOD, and ISC-PRIME under one seamlessly integrated interface. For denser-than-air modeling and accidental releases, SLAB View provides the best interface to the U.S EPA SLAB model. RMP View and SEVEX View are used to prepare risk management plans or comprehensive emergency response plans.
To support all of their products, Lakes Environmental provides training on risk assessment (health and ecological), air dispersion, toxic release, and risk management planning.

Leading Market Technologies
Developers of advanced analytics and decision support software solutions for the financial industry. Products include EXPO/Risk.

Line Business Services Limited
Line Business Services specialises in providing medium to high-level management consultants in Health & Safety, Project Management, Safety and Risk Assessments, Software and IT Support Services. By adding specialist skills to your existing management structure they enhance the impact you will make in meeting your objectives. Bringing a fresh approach to established thinking, or turbo-charging an existing business practice model, Line Business Services adds essential value to the modern organisation.

Litigation Risk Analysis, Inc.
Litigation Risk Analysis, Inc. offers Litigation Risk Analysis™, a software package that provides a rigorous approach for dealing with — and quantifying — the uncertainties inherent in litigation. It also provides a logical method for arriving at conclusions about case value that properly reflect the analysis of underlying issues and evidence. It also offers DATA Decision Tree software from TreeAge, an award winning decision analysis program available for Windows™. DATA assumes the user understands how to perform a Litigation Risk Analysis and offers a unique combination of ease-of-use and extraordinary power that makes it practical to apply decision-tree analysis to virtually any legal problem.

Lombard Risk Management
Providers of Oberon Risk Management software and associated products, also training and consultancy in related fields.Site provides product and service information.

Lumenaut is a software design company that specializes in developing out of the box analytical application for business. The company has developed “Lumenaut,” a statistical and decision analysis software add-in for Excel, featuring parametric and non-parametric statistics, decision trees, and sensitivity analysis.

Lumina Decision Systems, Inc.
Lumina Decision Systems, Inc., of Los Altos, California, is a computer software and services company that develops and markets software for modeling and decision support, such as AnalyticaTM, which is a visual modeling tool incorporating hierarchical influence diagrams for building and managing complex risk models. In addition to information about the company itself, sources of information, both on and off the Web, are listed for categories such as management software, risk and insurance, medical decision making, and decision sciences.

Mainstay Software Corporation
Mainstay Software Corporation was established to continue developing and marketing MAINSTAY, a one-of-a-kind OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) database and when the company began to focus its attention on the aerospace/defense industry, it developed (using MAINSTAY) PPAS (Proposal Pricing and Analysis System), the company’s flagship product. As the first PC-based proposal pricing tool, PPAS received much attention. Today, it is used by many government contractors for preparation, analysis, and presentation of proposals, as well as for the analysis and evaluation of proposals by government agencies themselves. In addition to the PPAS product, Mainstay Software offers a parametric estimating program, ParaModel, and a risk assessment and management software product, STAR, which are both designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate the requirements of government requests for proposals. Mainstay has now developd the Closed Loop Acquisition Analysis System (CLAAS), a new family of proposal products featuring the company’s flagship PPAS Proposal Pricing and Analysis System.

Marsh Inc.
Leading risk and insurance services firm Marsh Inc.’s companies include
CS STARS, a global leader in risk technologies providing integrated risk, claims, and compliance solutions.

Mastek Ltd.
A SW-CMM Level 5 and P-CMM Level 3 global information technology (IT) applications outsourcing company with nearly two decades of experience, Mastek offers application management, application development, risk management solution, system integration for financial services, insurance, manufacturing, telecom, and retail sectors. The company has accumulated over 7000 person-years of experience, executing more than 700 projects worldwide for clients that include Fortune 1000 companies. Mastek offers offshore software development, applications management, risk management, CRM/eCRM, and consulting services. Its solutions use technologies like Java™, EJB™, J2EE™, JSP™,Sun Solaris, UNIX, C and C++, XML, and TCP/IP, among others.

McCabe Software
McCabe Software, of Columbia, Maryland, develops and markets tools for software testing, metrics, and code coverage.

Measurement Computing
The leader in low cost PC-based data acquisition, control, and GPIB hardware and software.

Measurisk is the leading provider of independent risk-transparency and risk-measurement solutions for institutional investors and asset managers. The information they provide empowers pension plans, endowments and foundations, family offices, insurance companies, hedge funds and funds of hedge funds to assess, control and communicate risk for global, multi-asset class portfolios. The service includes access to their robust, Web-enabled platform for risk analysis and custom reporting, market and security data collection, management and storage of position-level data that is received directly from custodians, prime brokers and administrators, and access to a team of analysts that acts as an extension of our clients’ staffs for support and analytics insight.

ModelRisk is available in three versions:

  • ModelRisk Standard (STD)
    provides advanced Monte Carlo simulation in Excel. Vose Software offers the Standard version free of charge. Download your copy of ModelRisk Standard here
  • ModelRisk Professional (PRO)
    adds ‘objects’ to ModelRisk Standard that greatly extend and simplify what you can model, as well as optimization and much more.
  • ModelRisk Industrial (IND)
    adds a range of advanced features to the Professional version that help solve common, more complex problems specific to various industries.

Moody’s Analytics
Moody’s Analytics helps capital markets and credit risk management professionals worldwide respond to an evolving marketplace with confidence. The company offers unique tools and best practices for measuring and managing risk through expertise and experience in credit analysis, economic research and financial risk management. By providing leading-edge software, advisory services, and research, including the proprietary analysis of Moody’s Investors Service, Moody’s Analytics integrates and customizes its offerings to address specific business challenges.

Mosaic, Inc
Providers of Software Risk Management Services.

MSCI is a leading provider of investment decision support tools to around 5,800 clients worldwide, ranging from large pension plans to boutique hedge funds. They offer a range of products and services – including indices, portfolio risk and performance analytics, and governance tools – from a number of internationally recognized brands such as Barra, RiskMetrics and ISS. Located in 20 countries around the world, and with over 2,000 employees, MSCI is dedicated to supporting the increasingly complex needs of the investment community.

Murex provides integrated front and back office systems to handle derivatives trading in the areas of foreign exchange, energy and commodities, stocks and interest rates.

National Safety Council
The National Safety Council has available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms an emergency management and risk assessment software called CAMEO. The CAMEO suite includes: (1) a safety and emergency response database on over 4,700 chemicals and databases to track chemical inventories and to prepare emergency plans for facilities and chemicals in transit, (2) an emergency air dispersion model, ALOHA, to estimate the endpoints of toxic plumes, and (3) a mapping application to analyze data spatially and to assess risk to vulnerable populations. (Note: ALOHA is approved by EPA for RMP off-site consequence analysis and is sold separately.)

Natural Logic, Inc.
Natural Logic, an environmental management firm, provides environmental management software, databases, and information tools for business leadership and environmental quality. Its products include EQE Checklist™, an interactive checklist that assesses a company’s environmental quality and efficiency; EcoAudit Toolkit™, an expert system, knowledge base, and report generator that improves speed, thoroughness, and consistency of eco-efficiency and pollution prevention assessments; and Business Metabolics™, an environmental performance indicator software.

Navy’s Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence
The Navy’s Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence offers free risk management software (Technical Risk Identification and Mitigation System – TRIMS) as part of its Program Manager’s WorkStation (PMWS). This tool primarily focuses on risk management in systems engineering.

NeuralWare is a leading supplier and developer of neural network software for the development and deployment of innovative, intelligent, on-line solutions for commercial, industrial, government, and scientific applications. NeuralWare combined the expertise of mathematics, engineering, and computer science within their product line to produce powerful computation environments beyond standard statistical models for engineers and scientists. The company’s products form a high-performance technical computing environment providing nonlinear mathematics through neural networks to produce some of the most state-of-the-art software solutions possible.

NumeriX is the leading independent analytics specialist for derivatives trading and structured products. You won’t find a more flexible pricing solution in the industry to help you anticipate and capitalize on changing market requirements. With the state of the art model implementation and calibration you have access to powerful functionality that is simple to use.

OpenLink is a leading developer of front- to back-office, cross-market trading, risk management, and operations software. Our straight-through-processing (STP) solutions are relied upon daily to support the trading activities at some of the world’s leading financial institutions, central banks, regional banks, corporations, and energy marketers. Endur, our energy/commodity markets product, covers a comprehensive list of instruments including electricity, natural gas and NGLs, crude oil and refined products, base and precious metals, coal, weather derivatives, emissions, bandwidth, soft commodities, and foreign exchange. Findur, our financial markets product, covers a comprehensive list of instruments including money markets, fixed income, foreign exchange, derivatives, structured products, metals, and energy. At OpenLink we strive to develop unparalleled relationships with our entire client base by supporting every client like they were our very first. Headquartered in Long Island, New York, and with offices in London, Houston, New York City, Berlin, Sydney, and São Paulo, OpenLink employs over 300 professionals worldwide.

OptialTM is a leading supplier of web-based audit, compliance and risk management solutions for business and government. Their products have been implemented by Fortune 500 organizations in almost 50 countries. OptialTM offers a platform for managing key business assurance activities more efficiently and more effectively, generating operational cost reductions and delivering transparency and confidence in the management of corporate risks. The OptialTM system is developed as a flexible platform to support risk management and compliance methodologies within global corporations. This entails an enterprise level application designed to scale to large user numbers, with an inherent flexibility engineered into the system from inception and a simple user interface enabling unskilled users to become immediately productive. Using the latest technology, our internet software products are engineered to be highly scalable and extensible. A wide spectrum of deployment methods is offered: you can benefit from the world-class levels of security and reliability offered in a hosted deployment; or maintain full internal control over the system in a conventional on-site installation. The applications are accessed via a standard web browser from any computer connected to the internet or Intranet as applicable.

Orc Group
Developers and marketers of electronic trading and risk management software packages including the Orc System.

Orion Healthcare Technology
Orion Healthcare Technology has created Root Cause Analyst, the first automated root cause analysis product developed specifically for healthcare by healthcare quality specialists.

PaceMetrics is a company aimed at Business Optimisation in the Finance Industry with particular focus on radically increasing Operational Efficiency and reducing and controlling aspects of Operational Risk.

Palisade Corporation
Palisade Corporation is a world leader in risk analysis, decision analysis, optimization, and statistical analysis software products. Since 1984 Palisade has used Monte Carlo simulation and Genetic Algorithm technologies to help analysts, researchers, and managers make better decisions.
Palisade products include: @RISK (risk analysis add-in for Excel), PrecisionTree (decision analysis add-in for Excel), StatTools (statistics add-in for Excel), @RISK for Project (risk analysis add-in for Microsoft Project), Evolver (Genetic Algorithm optimizer for Excel), RISKOptimizer (Genetic Algorithm and Monte Carlo simulation optimizer), and the DecisionTools Suite.

Providers of financial derivatives risk management systems to investment and commercial banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, corporate treasury departments (FASB 133), accounting and consulting firms. Site includes details of the
APeX Risk Management system, as well as news, white papers and downloadable articles.

Parker Global Strategies, LLC
Providers of Alternative Investment Strategies including hedge funds, foreign exchange, fixed income, equities, and commodities along with high value-added services to both institutional and private clients

PIONEER Technologies Corporation
PIONEER Technologies Corporation develops and markets scientific modeling and analysis software. SmartRISK is a complete multi-chemical, multi-pathway risk assessment modeling package for Windows. SiteSTAT is a Windows-based visual data analysis/statistical analysis tool designed specifically for analytical data. SmartTOX is a toxicity value subscription service that contains up-to-date USEPA toxicity values found on IRIS and HEAST available for download at

PIZER Incorporated
PIZER Incorporated is a civil engineering software company, specializing in hydraulic analysis of municipal sewer systems, and earthwork cut and fill quantities calculations. The company’s best known software product line, the HYDRA is a hydraulic analysis, design, and management software package for storm, sanitary, and combined sewer systems. The HYDRA sewer model is ideal for comprehensive sewer master planning, infiltration and inflow studies, rehabilitation projects, determination of development impact fees, and stormwater runoff management. EARTH, the company’s earthwork cut and fill calculation software, is a quick and simple quantity calculation tool for excavation, paving, and grading. It is ideal for roadway and highway design, road widening, borrow pits, dredging, trenching, site design, reclaimation, and other large engineering and construction projects involving excavation requiring moving large quantities of soil, rock, gravel and is used as a standard by the US Federal Highway Administration and several State Highway Departments.

Primatech Inc.
Primatech develops and licenses computer software packages for process safety and risk management applications. Primatech is a world leader in software for process hazard analysis (PHA) studies. AUDITWorks for Windows assists in the preparation, conducting and documentation of safety and environmental compliance audits. PHAWorks for Windows helps you conduct process hazard analysis studies (HAZOP, WHAT IF, FMEA, etc.) including revalidation studies for process safety and risk management programs. PSMSource for Windows is a software-based PSM encyclopedia that contains information meticulously gathered by Primatech since the PSM standard was issued, including interpretations, clarifications and citations of the standard by OSHA contained in written documents and verbal presentations at technical meetings, workshops, conferences, website, etc.

Principa Partners LLC
Principia Partners is a leading provider of advanced end-to-end processing solutions for the structured finance and capital markets/treasury markets. Offers the Principa Analytic Systems (PAS),which provides VAR as well as simulation analysis that includes interest rate, foreign exchange and equity shifts.

Probability, Statistics & Information (PSI)
PSI has developed EnvironmentalStats for S-PLUS, a new S-PLUS module for environmental statistics and quantitative risk assessment with an extensive hypertext help system that functions as an electronic text book.

Professional Options Package (PMpublishing)
PMpublishing’s Professional Options Package (P.O.P.) is a PC-based risk management system for options traders.

Computer engineering company Prosig manufactures high quality software and hardware to capture and analyze all manner of “real-world” data. Prosig is a specialist in the capture, analysis and display of data both on the work-bench and under field conditions. DATS for Windows is their main software product. DATS has been developed over 25 years and, with over 200 analysis functions, provides engineers with the ultimate proven signal processing toolkit. Acquisition, analysis, display and reporting of technical data are achieved using ‘point and click’ operations in a familiar Windows environment.

Q5AIMS Audit & Inspection Management System
The Q5AIMS Audit & Inspection Management System is an innovative and leading-edge solutions. Q5AIMS technology enables you to conduct your audits, behavior-based observations and corrective actions faster, easier, and with more meaningful results. Integrating desktop, laptop, tablet, Palm or Pocket PC technology, Q5AIMS is your total audit management solution. Q5AIMS is multi-dimensional. It is used for security, risk management, health & safety, environmental and all quality auditing. One tool for all auditing and assessments.

Quantalytics, Inc.
After years of training clients how to use backup systems to reduce the risk of losing their computer data, Quantalytics, Inc., now offers a remote automatic computer backup solution named Q-Back. This software runs a computer backup job unattended at night, after business hours, and transfers the compressed, password-protected files via FTP to Quantalytics’ backup server.

Quantax is a 100% Web-based Trading and Risk Management System with low total cost of ownership. It covers a wide range of instruments, and is easily extensible due to its technology based on open source sofware (Zope and Python). The Quantax Newsletter informs you about new development and applications of the Quantax product line.

Quantifi, Inc
Quantifi, Inc is a financial software company that provides state-of-the-art models, pricing tools, and risk analysis for the world’s credit markets. In the rapidly evolving credit markets, the ability to price and support new products in a timely fashion can be crucial to success. Quantifi is the credit specialist that answers the challenges of the credit markets with the most comprehensive and powerful suite of credit derivative pricing models and risk analysis available today. The company fully supports products ranging from Bonds and Credit Default Swaps (CDS) to Nth to default (NTD) baskets, collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), Nth loss tranches, structured notes, credit options, quanto credit products, and contingent credit products. Quantifi’s unique experience in the credit markets along with its ability to translate research into robust, real-world implementations provides you with tools you can use with confidence, power and precision. Their value proposition is simple: their products can immediately put you on the leading edge of credit modeling and their experience, vision, and commitment to excellence will keep you there.

Quantitative Risk Management
Consulting and Systems Development Firm specializing in interest rate risk management systems used for balance sheet management, profitability analysis, secondary marketing and mortgage servicing valuation and accounting.

Quantum Compliance Systems, Inc.
Quantum Compliance Systems brings a practical perspective to the management of environmental, health and safety information by offering its high performance software – Facility Tracking System (FacTS). FacTS is designed to match the facilities operations, while supporting the regulations and bringing customers business advantages and tools to achieve regulatory compliance. FacTS tracks and monitors EH&S activities for multiple facilities, providing the ability to analyze and evaluate the data needed to make well informed management decisions. Comprehensive and flexible, FacTS automates and integrates the broad range of EH&S activities at the plant, division and corporate level.

RaisePartner Corporation
Raise Partner provides modular tools for banks, hedge funds, asset managers, insurance companies and corporates companies. Raise Partner’s suite of business components, called NORM (Numerical Optimization & Risk Management), is intended for use by financial engineers and quantitative analysts, allowing them to easily develop enhanced pricing models and reducing the development lead time for new products.

RAMS (Barkley International Incorporated)
Risk management software and consultancy services.

RAMAS Software
RAMAS® software by Applied Biomathematics® for ecology, conservation biology, wildlife management, and public health risk analysis is widely used for teaching and in applied research.

Reuters offers a range of information services, software, and consultancy to support all stages of the trading and risk management process. Reuters Kondor+ product is a real-time position-keeping system that offers a flexible means of capturing deals and managing risk, as well as a variety of tools that give up-to-the-second information and analytics. Kondor+ supports multiple trading or investment desks by handling a wide range of transactions (fixed income, equities, FX, money markets, exchange-traded, and over-the-counter derivatives). In addition, the system offers reports including cash flow profiling, valuation, gap analysis, horizon analysis, VAR, and capital allocation.

Risk Decisions Ltd.
Risk Decisions specializes in providing robust, flexible, and scalable risk management solutions built upon its Predict! software and its comprehensive consultancy and training services. Predict! Risk Controller is a powerful database application that enables organisations to implement robust and consistent risk management at every level: business unit, project, programme, collaborative project, or function. It provides the benefits of a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) package, with the flexibility to configure it to support their processes. Risk Controller incorporates the leading quantitative schedule and cost risk analysis product, Predict! Risk Analyser. The result is an extremely powerful toolset that removes the need to transfer data from one package to another. Risk Controller and Risk Analyser also link to all the leading planning and requirements tools either through database-to-database links or file imports. Risk Decisions provides solutions to the MoD, the defence industry, and major corporations in the construction, energy, engineering, nuclear power, pharmaceuticals, transport and utilities sectors. Visit for further information.

Risk Technologies Inc
Developers of custom technology based solutions. Site provides information on RiskVision, a custom claims/risk management solution.

RiskAdvisory Software Inc.
RiskAdvisory Software Inc. provides real-world risk management solutions for power utilities. The company has developed Energy BookRunner, a software designed by accomplished energy risk professionals ensuring a solution you can work with and results you can understand. It is an Oracle-based commodities risk management system that includes functionality to track electric power, natural gas, and other energy transactions.

Providers of derivatives and risk management technology, as well as front to back office implementation and reporting systems. Their RiskObjects risk management system has pricing, revaluation, simulation, drill down and what-if/scenario analysis.

Derivatives consultancy based in London offering tools and solutions for the world’s financial markets.

RiskWatch Inc.
RiskWatch Inc., a leading risk assessment software company since 1990, provides quantitative risk analysis software that produces accurate results for better decision making on security measures. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, with a sales and engineering office in San Jose, California, its clients include U.S. federal agencies and departments, states, and corporations. The software is available in versions for information systems, for physical security, for school security, and for security planning.

rL Solutions
rL Solutions provides customer service and risk management solutions that are easily implemented, globally accessible, and have a positive impact on the quality of care and service for health care consumers. The company has developed Risk Monitor Pro 1.1, a software package that combines industry leading technology with expert clinical risk management practice to create the most advanced system for adverse event reporting and analysis. By streamlining adverse event reporting, establishing notification systems and automating resource-intensive processes, Risk Monitor Pro 1.1 augments risk management practices for effective patient safety and risk prevention efforts.

DDMT (Data and Decision Management Tool) is a ‘desktop’ software tool which facilitates the construction of the Risk Profile for an asset. The Risk Profile is presented in an accessible format and fundamental decision-making facilities are included. By allowing updating of the Risk Profile as new information becomes available, it acts as a through-life record of the asset and a communication aid, as well as ensuring that the best information is used in ongoing decision-making. This enables more appropriate, cost-effective asset management decisions to be taken.

Roadmap Technologies
Roadmap Technologies provides sales forecasting and business planning software. Roadmap’s suite of analytical applications provide advanced forecasting, data mining and collaborative planning technologies to give organizations a clearer view of the future.

Rsam is a leader in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management software. Since 2003, Rsam’s IT GRC solutions on an Enterprise GRC platform implemented at hundreds of organizations and government agencies to help them effectively identify, assess, manage and mitigate risks, while providing enterprise-wide visibility, oversight and assurance.


Sanexen Environmental Services Inc.
The new software TerraSys, developed by Sanexen Environmental Services Inc., combines all the tools required for ecotoxicological risk assessment of contaminated sites. Developed primarily for cases involving contaminated soil, TerraSys possesses the functions necessary to evaluate various situations involving toxic substances in the environment, whether in terrestrial or aquatic habitats. The numerous databases integrated into the program can be edited by the analyst. This gives TerraSys a capacity so far unequalled for performing risk assessments on combinations of receptors and contaminants for which no reference values are currently available.
TerraSys includes unprecedented new functions which extend its capacities well beyond traditional models. These functions include geostatistical treatment of characterization data, functions for the calculation of dose/response relationships and sensitivity distributions integrated with ecotoxicological databases.

SAS Institute
SAS Institute is an information delivery software company. Their Risk Analysis Environment system supports market and credit risk analysis methods, including mark-to-market valuation, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, VAR and a number of simulation methods. SAS Institute produces high-quality software solutions that meet the needs of decision makers in business, government and education worldwide.
JMP statistics software helps you visualize and uncover data patterns that impact research, development, and production activities. JMP is used worldwide to develop products, reduce defects, streamline operations, improve quality, and optimize resources. Universities on every continent rely on JMP to make teaching and learning statistics relevant and fun.

Savvysoft delivers derivatives analytics and exotic options through their TOPS system. The company has also introduced TopsCredit for valuing credit derivatives and calculating default probabilities.

Scientech, LLC
SCIENTECH, Inc., is an employee-owned technical services company that provides assistance to clients in the fields of safety, the environment, security, and systems engineering. SCIENTECH offers many risk-related software products.

Scientific Software, Inc.
Scientific Software offers Groundwater Vistas, a complete groundwater modeling environment software package. Groundwater Vistas is a graphical user interface model design and analysis for MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, PEST, UCODE, and RT3D.

Shaw Group Inc., The
A diverse engineering, construction, fabrication, environmental and industrial services organization with over 20,000 employees in strategic locations around the world.

This site features open source financial software called R-Quant Data Analysis Studio. R-Quant object-oriented data management system supports large corporative data warehouses with quote and trade tick and daily historical data for many financial instruments.

SmartStream Technologies
SmartStream Technologies is a supplier of Straight Through Processing solutions for Transaction Lifecycle Management.Products covered on their site include SWIFTReady Gold accredited and ISO15022 compliant solutions for enterprise-wide transaction management.

Software Engineering Associates
Software Engineering provides underwater acoustic navigation and data acquisition and analysis software for the oceanographic community, including: research institutes, government agencies, navy groups and commercial clients. The company’s products are routinely used on deep ROV’s (remotely operated vehicles), AUV’s (autonomous vehicles), manned submarines, deep instrument tows and surface vessels.

Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
CERT Coordination Center
The Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability EvaluationSM, or OCTAVE®, approach is a self-directed information security risk evaluation method that offers a systematic way for an organization to address its information security risks, sorting through the complex web of organizational and technological issues. The OCTAVE® method and its implementation guide can be downloaded from the CERT® Coordination Center website at

Sophis Risque provides a complete front to back office trading and risk management solution for equities and derivatives. Convertibles On-line is a global database of convertible bonds and equities, aimed at equity research and trading desks.

Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA)
Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is free software that incorporates tools from various fields into an environmental assessment problem solving environment. These tools include integrated modules for visualization, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, human health risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis, sampling design, and decision analysis. The modules in SADA can be used independently or collectively to address site specific concerns when characterizing a contaminated site and when designing remedial action. SADA was designed to simplify and streamline several of the environmental characterization processes and to integrate the information in order to facilitate decisions about a particular site in a quick and cost effective manner.

Starpoint Software Inc.
Starpoint Software provides quality environmental and geologic applications for Windows. The company offers ChemPoint 4.0, a powerful data management software for surface water, ground water, soil, ash, sludge, bio-tissue, and air pollution monitoring; ChemStat, a full featured RCRA compliant statistical analysis software for ground water data that includes most methods described in 1989 and 1992 USEPA statistical guidance documents; MohrView, a product that provides highly customizable, professional quality Mohr circle and Coulomb failure analysis plots and calculations; and SieveGraph, a product that provides highly customizable, professional quality sieve and hydrometer plots.

Stata Corporation
Stata Corporation develops and distributes Stata, a software package for statistical analysis. Stata is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix computers. Stata is used by medical researchers, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, economists, sociologists, political scientists, geographers, psychologists, social scientists, and other research professionals needing to analyze data.

Data analysis software from StatSoft is used at most major universities, research institutes, corporations and manufacturing facilities in over 60 countries. Most of StatSoft software is available in single-user versions (for individual end-users), in the form of network or concurrent multi-user packages, and as enterprise systems (with extensive groupware functionality) integrated with a data warehouse.

Subterranean Research Inc. (SRI)
SRI’s software specialists develop customized software for data, modeling, geostatistics, and optimization. Expertise in the visual programming environment ensures integration of legacy and research codes into the production environment. The company has several software packages available.

Suite LLC
Suite delivers solutions to the world’s leaders derivatives dealers, hedge funds, and a “Big-Three” market-data provider. They furnish software as well as implementation and development services. In 2003 Suite purchased the intellectual property rights to all of the Cygnifi technology, including the exclusive rights to the Cygnifi name, trademarks and other proprietary assets.

TechHackers INC
TechHackers build software for securities trading and portfolio management. The @nalysts analytics product provides pricing and sensitivity analysis for all of the supported securities, mortgages, options and other stuctures. They also provide technology consulting through their London and New York offices.

TIBCO provides a full range of products and services for the financial marketplace, including management consulting, systems design, development and support, market data distribution, order routing, trade management and exchange automation.

TreeAge Software, Inc.
TreeAge Software, Inc. publishes, sells, and supports decision analysis software. The company offers Decision Analysis by TreeAge (DATA™) software for cost-effectiveness analysis, risk analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Markov processes, influence diagrams, and much more; and DATA Interactive™ to create an individual’s decision analysis applications for the Internet, intranet, or CD-ROM, using decision trees built in DATA 3.5.

Triple Point Technology INC
Triple Point is a business solutions firm specialising in the design and development of custom, real-time, and client server trading systems. Their TEMPEST 2000 product provides real-time front-to-back office functionality, enabling traders to measure, monitor and control business and trading.


Unisys offers the FBA Urbis product, Urbis contains a fully integrated risk management capability for the monitoring of interest rate, exchange rate, liuidity, counterpart and credit risk.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is free software that incorporates tools from various fields into an environmental assessment problem solving environment. These tools include integrated modules for visualization, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, human health risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis, sampling design, and decision analysis. The modules in SADA can be used independently or collectively to address site specific concerns when characterizing a contaminated site and when designing remedial action. SADA was designed to simplify and streamline several of the environmental characterization processes and to integrate the information in order to facilitate decisions about a particular site in a quick and cost effective manner.

Site gives news and details of consultancy services, products and solutions from this Austrian based company. Includes information on The UnRisk
PRICING ENGINE for Mathematica, a universal tool for valuation of financial derivatives.

U.S. Department of Energy
The U.S. Department has several software programs available to help independent operators improve oil and gas exploration and reservoir management. Risk Analysis and Decision-Making Software uses operator-supplied data on reservoir conditions and information from the production process to analyze the drilling risks, estimate the probablility of success, identify the necessary capital to avoid failure, and screen for the most suitable recovery processes for a specific reservoir. FRAC-EXPLORE Software analyzes the characteristics and relationships of ground surface features, such as fractures and other geologic patterns, to identify potential subsurface oil and gas reservoirs. These two software packages can be obtained by contacting the National Petroleum Technology Office (NPTO), telephone (918) 699-2017, fax (918) 699-2005, e-mail The next two programs were developed as part of NPTO co-funded research projects. PfEFFER, a Kansas Geological Survey product, analyzes existing well log data on reservoir rock and fluid measurements to create maps, 3-D images, and estimates of various reservoir characteristics. Contact Lynn Watney, Kansas Geological Survey, telephone (913) 864-3965, fax (913) 864-5317, e-mail COSIM, a program developed at the University of Tulsa, processes geologic and petrophysical data from a reservoir and displays detailed 3-D images of selected reservoir features directly on the cmoputer screen. Contact Mohan Kelkar, University of Tulsa, telephone (918) 631-3036, fax (918) 631-2059, e-mail

Vanguard Software Corporation
Vanguard Software is a privately-held corporation founded in 1992 to develop state-of-the-art software for management and technical analysis. In addition to package software development, Vanguard offers custom model development services, consulting, and training.
DecisionPro is Vanguard’s software for management decision analysis.

Virtual Research Associates, Inc. (VRA)
VRA addresses the need to monitor global situations of terrorism and political risk. VRA launched a web-based software tool, VRA? Knowledge Manager, that supports interactive analysis and intuitive display of global news reports. VRA? Knowledge Manager is a real-time data development and interactive analysis software system designed to process large volumes of text-based reports. The system can illuminate countries’ vulnerabilities to political instability, social turmoil and violence by automatically monitoring global news wire service reports, assessing them and presenting up-to-the-minute intelligence in graphs, maps and tables. By spotting areas where instability or violence are likely to occur, VRA Knowledge Manager is currently providing early warnings about potential “hot spots” to government agencies, academic and humanitarian organizations, and the intelligence community.

Wall Street Systems
Deliverers of treasury operations to financial institutions.

Wilshire Associates
Wilshire Associates is a global investment advisory firm that provides investment products and services, including investment consulting, asset management, mutual fund management and analytical tools.

Wolfram Research
Wolfram Research is a technical computing software developer. Since launching its Mathematica product, Wolfram has released a sequence of related technical computing products.


Xybion’s eQCM™
Xybion’s eQCM™ is a comprehensive quality management software solution that enables Enterprise Quality and Compliance Management. Leveraging the eQCM platform, they deliver web-based capabilities that facilitate compliance regulatory guidelines such as ISO 9001, ISO14001 GxP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, financial reporting and governance regulations (SOx, CA Bill 198), and other industry standards and risk-based regulations. This quality solution is designed for maximum flexibility and easy adaptation to organizations’ unique quality processes.